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Please go check out my new CrossFit post here, and my new amazingly delicous vegan chorizo queso dip recipe here!

Also, PS, this blog is permanently moving. Please update your links and follow me there!

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CrossFit WODs – 9/26/12 & 9/29/12

I’m a little behind, but had a GREAT week at CrossFit and need to share it!

Wednesday’s WOD:

Skill: Rope Climbs

Buy In: 5 Rope Climbs
21-15-9 Deadlift (250/180) Scale to 60% 1RM
Ring Push-Ups
Cash Out: 5 Rope Climbs

So, as I mentioned, one of my CrossFit goals that I want to accomplish by October 31 is to be able to do at least 1 rope climb.  I think that now I finally have the strength to do it, but I still have to figure out the technique. However, I made amazing progress on Wednesday – I stepped up onto a box and had someone hold the end of the rope (which gives you greater stability) and then I CLIMBED ALL THE WAY UP!!!  It was so awesome feeling.  I’m not counting this as meeting my goal on this one because I didn’t start from the bottom technically, and I had to have someone hold the tail, but I’m getting close and that is super exciting.

For the WOD, I decided to do 180 for the deadlifts, which was really heavy for me.  But since I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the 10 rope climbs (you could sub ring pulls – 25 per 5 rope climbs), I figured I’d better push myself on deadlifts.  I also have to do ring push ups on my knees because I have a hard time with the stability piece of that.

Time: 17:08
Calories Burned: 610

Saturday’s WOD

Skill: Hand Stand Push Ups

4 rounds
3 Hang Power Cleans (185/135) or 75% of 1 rep max
4 HSPU (scale to 20 second hand stand hold)
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Hang Power Cleans
150m sprint

Rest 2 min between rounds

Another goal I have is to be able to do 5 hand stand push ups by the end of October, which I’ve started to realize is a rather lofty goal considering I still can’t do 1….but I’m going to keep working at it. Today I almost did one. Almost.  I’m awesome at getting up into a hand stand, but had always been nervous about lowering myself down to my head. Today I did it!  And I am getting so close to being able to kip back up.  It feels great to be making progress on my goals.

For the WOD, I did 80 lbs for the cleans, and did hand stand holds.  You keep track of your individual round times.

Times: 3:08, 3:12, 3:18, 3:14
Calories Burned: 435

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CrossFit WOD – 9/24/12 – “Nancy”

Tonight’s WOD was a fun one.  I like the benchmark WODs because you can compare them over time and know if you’re making any progress.  I thought I had done this one, but I couldn’t find any evidence of that so apparently I haven’t.  But I look forward to the next time we do this one already!

400m run
2x through:
200m striders
5–>1 squats
10 high kicks
1–>5 push press PVC/barbell

Skill: Overhead Squat

5 rounds
400m run
15 OHS (95/65)

The first 2 sets of OHS I did unbroken.  Sets 3 and 4 I broke into sets of 10 and 5, and then the last set I also did unbroken.

Time: 18:17
Calories burned during 1 hour: 481

Then after CrossFit I went to my sisters’ to eat. My sister Sarah is visiting and had a yummy, vegan, home cooked meal waiting for us.  We ate and then watched Sarah and Griffin play Mr. Potato Head. They played for like half an hour. Griffin is quite adept at putting all the pieces on Mr. Potato Head, and very creative – who says mouths and noses have to go in a certain place?

Now I’m good and exhausted and ready for bed at 9pm!

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CrossFit WOD – 9/21/12

IMPORTANT: Please update your link to I will be transitioning there soon!

Friday morning before we headed up north for the weekend, we went and got in a quick WOD, which is good considering I did absolutely nothing even remotely active Saturday or Sunday.  And, what’s more, we got a lesson on hand stand push ups (HSPU’s), and I ALMOST completed my first one ever!  Yes, I am celebrating about almost doing something. Here’s a run down of HSPU’s – I almost did a kipping one, which is a bit easier because you can use momentum of your lower body to propel you up. I’m probably quite a ways off from a strict HSPU.

For the WOD, I did HSPU’s using the bands (see the 5:00 minute mark on this video for that).  To see kipping HSPU’s, go to the 8:35 mark.

The WOD:
500m row
50 box jumps (24″/20″)
400m row
40 box jumps
300m row
30 box jumps
200m row
20 box jumps
100m row
10 box jumps

: 21:18
Calories Burned: 360

We had a great weekend up north. A very lazy, relaxing weekend, which is exactly what we wanted.  Tomorrow, back to work and real life. Sigh.

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Recipe Review: Watermelon Frosty with Chia Seeds

There isn’t a lot to say about this recipe besides GO MAKE IT, it’s delicious.

The recipe as stated on Healthy Happy Life makes 2 giant servings, and can be made with or without the chia seeds – although, come on, how cute are the chia seeds?

Also, if you are so inclined, you can add whatever “extras” you want, if you know what I mean.

So yummy.

In other news, I’m in the process of transition this blog to blogger, so if you would please update your link, the new URL is here. I still have some work to do, but will be gradually transitioning over the next few weeks. Thanks!

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CrossFit WOD – 9/20/12

10 push ups

10 squats
10 pull ups
2x through:
400m run
5–>1 Squats
1–>5 Jump Squats
200m striders
10 Sampson lunges
High kicks

5-5-5 Low Bar Back Squat

4 Thrusters (135/115)
16 sandbag walking lunges (70/50)
10 ring dips
8 GHD sit ups

I found a new 5 rep max for low bar back squat: 175.  Two months ago, my 1 rep max was 190, so I was curious if doing 175 for 5 reps today (which definitely felt like a max) was “good”.  I never really know how these things convert. But Google helped me find this website, which converts these things for you.  I put in that I did 175 for 5 reps, and apparently based on that, my 1 rep max should be about 197, which means that I have indeed made progress.  On the other hand, I’ve done 10 reps at 155, which means my 1 rep max should be 207.  Now I want to go find my 1 rep max! Man, I love squats.

Anyway, then we did the WOD. I did 85 lbs for the thrusters, and used a band for the ring dips, because, dude, those are hard. 

Time: 13:53
Calories burned: 617

Tomorrow Jeff and I are headed to northern MN for the weekend for some much needed R&R. Can’t wait!

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